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Beyonce said it best when she asked, “Who runs the world?,” and emphatically answered, “Girls.” For centuries, the narrative surrounding women made it clear that they could take care of things at home, but now we are making a name for ourselves when it comes to dominating the business world.

Women over the age of 50 are particularly making strides. More and more women are investing their own time and money to become successful entrepreneurs in a variety of different areas. From wineries, to fashion lines, to the financial sector, women are proving that they literally can do it all.

The Qualities That Make Women Over 50 So Successful

Becoming an entrepreneur is appealing for young women who are trying to balance raising children while still having a life outside of the home. While women under 50 can certainly be successful at being their own boss, it’s more challenging to juggle their home life with work responsibilities.

Once the time for raising children has passed, women have the ability to focus solely on their business ventures which often leads to greater long-term success. They also possess decades of work experience that they can bring with them into their new startup. They’re not easily intimidated because they’ve seen it all working in a male-dominated field and are driven to keep rising above setbacks to reach their goal.

Female Entrepreneurs That Are Rocking It

Our everyday lives are greatly impacted by powerful women that are rocking it in the business world. Women like Michele Burchfield who, along with her friend Carla Frank, started their own all-natural beverage company called Blume Honey Water. They invested their own money into getting the business off the ground and were able to do that because of their years of experience in the corporate world.

Other entrepreneurs like Jean Chatzky, author of “Age-Proof”, aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and dig in to the tough side of business. She has no qualms when it comes to talking about money and helping out other women looking to jump start their career.

Age is nothing but a number, but for women venturing out on their own in the business world it can be an important asset that brings valuable experience. With the wisdom that comes with age, starting your dream business later in life may be exactly what the universe had intended for you.