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Change, it is happening all the time in big ways and small ones. It is one of the only guarantees we have in life.

Regarding change, it has been said that what doesn’t bend breaks. This age old adage tells us the importance of being flexible and advises us that rigidity against change can be detrimental. Therefore, we should be open to change. But that is not always so easy. We are creatures of habit and our sense of self is rooted in our beliefs and values. However, being open to change doesn’t mean losing our sense of self or giving up our values. It just means being flexible and able to adapt to life’s ever changing situations and circumstances. Here are just a few benefits to being open to change.

When we are open to change, we build confidence. Being open to change doesn’t mean that we will definitely change, rather it means that we are willing to examine a current belief against a new one and determine which holds true. If we decide to accept the new belief, then we are happy and confident with our choice. However, if we reject the new belief in favor of maintaining our current one, we reaffirm our belief and, having given it thorough examination and scrutiny, are more confident with it. Basically, whether we adopt the new belief or hold on to the old one, we come away more confident and sure of ourselves.

Life sometimes throws us curve-balls; catastrophic, tragic and unexpected events happen all the time. We can prepare for these surprises by embracing small changes in our everyday lives, such as ordering a new dish at a favorite restaurant or striking up a conversation with a new co-worker. Practice makes perfect. When we train ourselves to be open to small changes we build the strength and resilience needed to persevere in the face of the big ones.

When we open ourselves up to change we allow ourselves to have different experiences. These experiences teach us different skills and ways of being in the world other than those we already know. Having new and varied experiences in life gives us the ability to be versatile and adaptable in a variety of different situations.

So embrace the changes that life brings you. In the end, change is all there is.