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For most of our lives we’ve been working. Whether we’ve been working to advance in a career, to build a home for our family, or to make sure our loved ones are as happy and healthy as can be, we spend a lot of time on things other than ourselves. That’s okay—until it isn’t.

We often move so fast that we forget to slow down, to check in on ourselves, and give our body and mind what it wants and needs. It can feel selfish to give that time to ourselves. After all, couldn’t it be better spent elsewhere? But your loved ones will not fault you for devoting a bit of your time for self-care. In fact, they’ll probably say, “Finally!” Your work life will not suffer, either. You see, studies have shown that when we give ourselves time to heal and recuperate, we come back to the other aspects of our life feeling more creative, energized, and productive.

There are several ways to show yourself some love without spending too much time or money (though sometimes an extravagance is nice!). These are a few of my favorites!

Long Walks (especially on the beach)

If you don’t live by the beach like I do, find a pretty spot near your home to take a nice, daily stroll. Walking and enjoying the sounds of nature allows you to escape with your thoughts and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Walking is also incredible for your health, and staying active is incredibly important as we age.

Deep Breaths

The practice of checking in with your mind and tuning out the world is a great daily practice to adopt. If you’re new to practice, there are many guided meditations that ease you into the habit and teach you proper technique. Not only is this great for reducing stress levels, it can also help combat uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and surges of energy when you least want them.

Save Face

Developing a morning and evening skincare routine can be a quick and easy way to devote a few minutes of the day to yourself. If you’ve never given yourself a little facial massage with moisturizer, you’re really missing out. It helps to induce lymphatic drainage in our face, making it less puffy and tighter, and feels absolutely amazing. Menopause can especially change the composition of our skin, so taking the time to treat it and pamper yourself can be a great way to practice self-care on the daily.

Write It Out

I’ve written about the benefits of journaling multiple times—and for good reason! Writing down your thoughts or what you’re grateful for allows you to connect with your mind in a meaningful way while releasing the emotions we so often keep to ourselves. This is a great practice for when the hormones of menopause begin to rage. It can sometimes feel as though we are lost somewhere within ourselves. Writing out what you’re feeling can help ground you and connect you to your true self.

These are a few of my favorite self-care practices, but the beauty of self-care is that it’s self controlled. Do what feels right to you. As long as you are taking the time to love and appreciate yourself and letting go of what’s holding you down, you’re doing it right. Perhaps instead of walking you go for a swim or a bike ride. If you aren’t into writing, channel your emotions into music. Anyway you cut it, time spent to sort yourself out is time well spent.